Schedule ahead of time…

Schedule your content ahead of time.

If you ever think you don’t have enough time in the day for all that web and social media stuff… Find time. 🕑

If you have an admin day in your week try to dedicate an hour or two to your marketing. Set aside a time in the week when you can plan out a week’s worth of posts (long or short).

You can always mix and match.

Your inspiration might not always decide to turn up on demand on a Sunday afternoon when you are focused on re-stocking products or confirming upcoming bookings with clients.

Sometimes that magical idea or eureka moment can decide to make an appearance while you’re busy relaxing on the thrown in the morning.

Use Google Docs or Notes app on your phone to capture that mega idea you need to share – get it written down somewhere before it disappears into Thinair-land (it’s near Iceland)

If you don’t feel comfortable planning a week’s worth of content yet – start by just planning for the following day.

Find 10/15 minutes in an evening and share your knowledge. You could even schedule an auto-post for the following morning while you’re busy doing the day job.

I’ll set you a challenge.

Like and share this content… then plan a short post for today or tomorrow (or this week!) sharing a snippet of knowledge from your specialism or a recent experience – whether it’s the fitness industry, massage therapy, beauty, events, arts and crafts… whatever you do!

Don’t overthink it – remember you are just sharing knowledge that often seems obvious to you but adds value for others.

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