I know what I want to say… I just don’t know how to say it

Does that sound familiar to you?🤦‍♂️

I suspect the truth is, that you know exactly what you want to say, but you’re just overthinking how best to say it.

You’re thinking…

  • Will it sound good enough?
  • Will I sound cleverererer enough🙄?
  • Is anyone actually going to read it?
  • Is it original enough?
  • Hasn’t it been said a million times before?

You might be stuck in the trap of overthinking to the nth degree (I do it!)

Surely other people have already shared that bit of info;

  • … that lift,
  • … that stretch,
  • … that movement,
  • … that sleep and nutrition advice,
  • … that workout reel,
  • … that whatever it is that you do.

Well, the truth is. (Drum roll)

Yes, they probably have, but you haven’t. Someone has probably written a similar post to this, but I haven’t. I’m just working on the basis of sharing regular and relevant content that interests me, and hopefully a likeminded audience.

Your uniqueness is your originality. 

Just remember, that being yourself and sharing your unique perspective can set you apart from the crowd and build a loyal audience.  You’ll grow into your writing style.

You might think the first few posts are just a bit rubbish. 

But until you’ve done the first… you’ll never do the second and third.

If it’s relevant and relatable, it’s right!

Enjoy posting and sharing your knowledge.

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